An investigation has been launched in France into police leaks that led to the false arrest of a man at Glasgow Airport.

Police Scotland held a man at the airport on Friday, Sepetmber 11 following reports that one of the most wanted men in France, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, was spotted on boarding an easyjet flight at Paris Charles de-Gaulle.

The Frenchman has been on the run from police following the disappearance of his family in Nantes in April 2011.

His wife Agnesa and their children Tomas, 21, Arthur, 18, Anne, 16 and Benoit, 13, were later found buried in the family garden.

DNA results later proved the man arrested was not Dupont, and he was later released.

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The whereabouts of Dupont remain unknown. He has not been seen in eight years.

According to local newspaper le Parisien , the prosecutor of the Republic of Nantes, Pierre Sennès, has now instructed the police disciplinary body IGPN to investigate the apparent leaks.

The magistrate are seeking to identify the origin of the leaks, which may have provided a source for the French press who initially reported on the arrest.

The paper claims the false information regarding the arrest was published after cross-checking with numerous French sources - who relied themselves on information by Police Scotland.

Police Scotland said on Monday that they had "never confirmed, in public or in private", that the man arrested at the airport was Dupont.