The SNP has tabled an amendment to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal demanding an immediate extension to the October 31 deadline and a general election.

Ian Blackford, the party's Westminster leader, calls for an extension until at least 31 January 2020, allowing for an early election.

Mr Blackford said opposition parties need to "quit dithering, back our amendment, and finally act to bring this appalling Tory government down and stop Brexit".

He added: "Boris Johnson's appalling Brexit deal is even worse than Theresa May's." 

It comes after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed SNP MPs at Westminster will not vote for the new Brexit deal - warning that a "much harder Brexit beckons" if it passes.

She tweeted: "For Scotland, this deal would take us out of EU, single market and customs union - all against our will. It would leave us as only part of UK being taken out without consent and with no say on future relationship. @theSNP will not vote for that."

Ms Sturgeon added: "MPs should not fall for a deal/no deal framing. No Brexit/revoke is always an alternative to no deal."

And she insisted: "Brexit has shown that the only way for Scotland to be in charge of our own future is to become independent - that why we must have #indyref2 next year."

SNP's shadow leader of the House Pete Wishart said: "Well done to his [Johnson's] Government for eventually getting something after all this time.

"The only thing is it's a worse deal than Theresa May's that takes Scotland out of the European Union against its national, collective will.

"That deprives us of customs union membership, of single market membership, that will stop freedom of movement that our economy depends upon in so many vital sectors.

"But even when they're all still on the Hillary Step, the dark clouds are still there, the mist is still in the air in the shape of the DUP because what we find is that Sherpa Foster has unshackled herself from the Prime Minister and is visibly descending down that mountain as we speak."

The leaders of the DUP, Labour and the LibDems have all said their parties will also oppose the deal.