NICOLA Sturgeon has asked for an emergency recall of Holyrood this week to discuss Boris Johnson’s proposed Brexit deal.

The First Minister has asked the opposition parties to agree to parliament convening on Thursday afternoon to debate the Prime Minister's revised withdrawal agreement.

Holyrood is currently in a two-week recess, and is not due to return until next Monday.

The party business managers are now expected to consider the proposals.

They will have to consider whether it is practical for MSPs, some of whom may be out of the country.  

The final decision lies with Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh, who is currently on a short trip to the Swedish parliament.

However in practice, he would be guided by the wishes of the parties.

Earlier this year there were plans to recall Holyrood from its Easter recess in the event of a no-deal Brexit, but they were not put into effect.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: “Scottish Liberal Democrats will vote against Brexit again on Thursday.

“The vote on Thursday in the Scottish Parliament will be another signal that the Brexit deal is a bad idea.

“It is time for Scottish Conservatives to show some backbone. They need to vote against a Brexit deal that puts an internal border in the Irish Sea. It breaks the Conservatives’ promise and risks the future of the United Kingdom.

“Brexit is bad for the UK.”

Green MSP Patrick Harvie added: "The UK Government’s withdrawal agreement is designed to allow a race to the bottom on regulations that protect our rights, our environment and our working conditions.

"Now that the request for an extension has been made, the UK Government is perfectly able to abandon the breakneck timetable and allow proper scrutiny of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

However it has currently showing no willingness to do so. The UK Government seems determined to proceed with its current intentions, and therefore I believe the Scottish Parliament is left with no choice but to meet this week. The Green MSPs will vote against granting consent to this rotten deal.”

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said: “The Presiding Officer is currently leading a parliamentary delegation in Stockholm. 

"He has been in contact with officials throughout today. Any decision to recall Parliament will be taken by him. As ever, he will listen to the views of the parties before reaching a decision."