A Labour MP has said he will vote for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal despite not reading the bill.

Speaking on the BBC's Vicotria Derbyshire show, Jim Fitzpatrick, the MP for Poplar and Limehouse, admitted he had not read any pages of the bill, or its accompanying documents, but will vote in principle for the deal in Parliament this evening. 

During the heated exchange, presenter Victoria Derbyshire asked Mr Fitzpatrick if he thought it was acceptable to vote for something in principle when he hadn't read it.

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The Glasgow-born politician responded: "People pay me to make decisions. We have been discussing this in detail for 11 and a half months. I will make a decision on the basis of judgement which in my view is that we need to move forward on Brexit.

"We've had this for three and a half years from the public ... at some point we have to make a decision and I think today is decision time."

In response to Mr Fitzpatrick's comments, an SNP spokesperson said: “For any MP to disregard the damaging impact Brexit will have is one thing, to do so without having even attempted to read it is frankly gobsmacking.

“Boris Johnson is attempting to railroad his Brexit plans through Parliament without a shred of scrutiny, without any impact assessment, and without the consent of the Scottish Parliament in this so-called partnership of equals.

“SNP MPs will not support Boris Johnson’s toxic Brexit bill through Parliament. It would be staggering if any Scottish MP became handmaidens of a Tory Brexit, which we know will be devastating for Scotland’s economy, public services and people’s livelihoods. They would never be forgiven in Scotland."

It comes as MPs prepare to discuss and vote on the main principle of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's EU Withdrawal Bill. Downing Street believes the Government is on course for a narrow single-figure majority.

The Labour Party has been contacted for comment. 

Watch the exchange in full in the player above. Video credit: BBC