SCOTLAND’S most successful Labour MP is facing a move to deselect him led by the trade union closest to Jeremy Corbyn.

The leadership of Unite in Scotland tonight voted in favour of opening up the selection contest in Edinburgh South in order to remove Ian Murray, a vocal critic of Mr Corbyn.

Mr Murray was the only Labour MP to survive the SNP tsunami of 2015 and now has the largest majority of any MP in Scotland, winning by 15,514 votes in 2017.

However if Unite can muster enough union support in his branch, he will face a “trigger ballot” and have to prove he is the best candidate for the seat.

It is understood Mr Murray is the only one of Scotland’s seven Labour MPs opposed by Unite.

Unite’s UK general secretary is Mr Corbyn’s close ally Len McCluskey.

Incumbent MPs are automatically reselected unless a third of local members or union affiliates demand an open selection.

Mr Murray said: "It is disappointing that in the week where I’m leading the People’s Vote campaign in Scotland and working around the clock to maintain the cross-party coalition that's defeating Boris Johnson disastrous Brexit in order to protect workers' jobs and rights, that this is Unite's priority. My constituents are my priority and I won't be distracted from fighting for them."

Despite his winning record in Edinburgh South, Mr Murray has made himself unpopular with the Labour leadership by attacking Mr Corbyn and promoting a second EU referendum.

He quit as Shadow Scottish Secretary after the 2016 vote saying Mr Corbyn “just can’t lead the Labour Party and I don’t think the public think he can be Prime Minister”.

A prominent Unionist, Mr Murray has also accused Mr Corbyn of being “all over the place” on working with the SNP.

He was also a friend and supporter of former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, who also got on the wrong side of the UK Labour leader's circle.