Herald readers will overwhelmingly back the SNP at the next election, according to our exclusive poll. 

Our latest survey of reader’s views found that more than half, 57.57 per cent, intend to vote for Nicola Sturgeon’s party at the General Election on December 12, followed by 14.91% for the Conservatives and 12.51% for the Liberal Democrats. 

Just 7.20% of our readers questioned in the poll intend to vote for Labour, who have suffered a bruising time in Scotland in recent years.

However, 15% of people who responded to the poll said they had changed their political allegiance since the last General Election, although they did not specify to which party.

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The poll of more than 1,000 readers also found that they back staying in the EU and want to see an independent Scotland.

If there was a second referendum on leaving the EU, 83% said they would back remain compared to 14.36% who would leave with just 2.64% undecided. 


This is a considerable move from the 52% Leave/48% Remain vote in 2016 across the UK, and higher than the 62% Remain to 38% Leave vote in Scotland. 

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In a second Scottish Independence referendum, almost 60% back Yes to Scotland becoming a fully-fledged country compared to a No vote of 31%, with fewer than 10 % undecided. 


This is a considerable turnaround for the 55% No vote, 45% Yes vote at the referendum in 2014.

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Trust in politicians at Westminster is hard to find among our readers – with almost 80% saying they did not trust MPs. However, Holyrood is held in higher esteem with more than half saying they did trust MSPs, compared to 33% who did not.

Apart from Brexit and Scottish Independence, issues which concern our readership included health and social care, education, work and pensions and the environment.