Thousands of independence supporters turned out at George Square on Saturday afternoon to hear the First Minister call for Scotland's future to be 'placed in Scotland's hands'.

Nicola Sturgeon addressed crowds at the #IndyRef2020 rally in Glasgow, organised by our sister paper The National.

She told those gathered the time would come to break away from the 'chaos of Westminster' in a second independence referendum in 2020.

It was the first time she had spoken at an independence rally since 2014.

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She told the crowds: "Over the next few weeks, it is our job to convince everyone we know to come out on December the 12th and send the biggest, loudest most resounding message to Westminster.

"That it is time for Scotland to choose our own future. It is time for Scotland to be an independent country.

"An independent country that will be the best of friends and family with our neighbours across the British Isles, across Europe and across the world."

Organisers The National said 20,000 people attended the rally.

But Jeremy Corbyn said he would not back the First Minister's calls for a second independence referendum if Labour won the election.

He told reporters: "What I will say is that a Labour government will invest in Scotland, £70bn of capital investment in Scotland, as well as more money for Scotland through revenue spending which will help in terms of health and education, in particular.

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"And we want to see Scotland's economy improve and the levels of poverty in Scotland, particularly in big cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, being reduced.

"It's a Labour government that will do that. Scottish independence would mean a massive gap between what Scotland raises in taxation and what the Scottish people need at the present time.

"I think the much better option is a Labour government for the whole of the UK."