Nicola Sturgeon has hit out at Sky’s decision to not include the SNP on a live televised election debate on Sky News.

The First Minister was asked if she was ‘cross’ with Sky News for her party being omitted from the debates Nicola Sturgeon said that the decision ‘“defied democracy”.

Speaking to Kay Burley on Breakfast she said: “I don’t want to personalise it but I think all broadcasters really need to consider whether they’re reflecting politics as it is or as they’d like it to be. 

“The SNP is the biggest party in Scotland, the biggest party in government in Scotland, the third biggest party in the UK, we may hold the balance of power after this election. To exclude us from a debate is just outrageous and democratically unacceptable. 

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“If I may say for Sky in particular who, to its great credit has been arguing for these decisions to be taken away from politicians, and arguing for an independent debates commission, something the SNP has supported, to take a decision on a debate that defies democracy.

“I think is particularly regrettable and I think the broadcasters have to take a long hard look at themselves, but to other party leaders, particularly to Corbyn and Johnson, what are you scared of in terms of having a real debate? Why are you so scared to have the SNP’s voice heard?”

She added: To the broadcasters, reflect democracy as it is, do your jobs properly, and to the other party leaders, stop running scared.”

The Breakfast host concluded the interview saying: “I didn’t want you to be cross with us without airing your views” adding the comment from John Ryley, head of news at Sky saying that the company would continue to provide coverage to other parties in broadcasts’ The Sky host also added that the First Minister was welcome whenever she wished and joked that ‘they’d even sort out her train fare.’

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During the interview, the First Minister was asked about the stance of both Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson on the prospect of the timing of indyref2. 

The First Minister also said that a vote for the SNP was a vote to escape Brexit. The First Minister said: “We’re at the start of an election campaign. This is an opportunity to hear from the Scottish people and to hear what they want from this question. 

“If you support independence and want the right to choose that again and if you don’t support independence, but nevertheless believe its a question to be determined in Scotland, not by Westminster politicians then your opportunity in this election is to vote in numbers for the SNP and make clear that we want our future to be in our hands, not dictated and imposed on us by the likes of Boris Johnson or even Jeremy Corbyn.  

“Who decides Scotland’s future is effectively one of the big issues on the ballot paper at this election. 

Nicola Sturgeon was also dismissive of the threat that was posed by the Brexit Party, with Kay Burley asking if the First Minister was worried about “the Brexit Party parking their tanks on your lawn”.

She responded saying: “I don’t know if they’re going to get much purchase in this election in Scotland, this is a country that voted by more than 60% to remain in the European Union. I’m not sure if the Brexit Party should look to Scotland as any great prospect in this election.” 

“I think the most recent analysis is something like 10-12% of SNP voters would now support Brexit, there is not great support in Scotland for Brexit.” 

She was also asked if she would do a deal with Jeremy Corbyn with the SNP leader stating that she would consider a case-by-case deal but that it would be a ‘hard bargain’ that would protect Scotland.

Parliament will today be dissolved, marking the official start of the General Election campaign, with the UK going to the polls on December 12.