Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly has defended a Tory campaign video that critics claim has been “doctored”.

The film depicts Labour’s Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, struggling to answer a question on television about his party’s position on leaving the European Union despite him answering it “perfectly adequately”, according to the BBC’s Nick Robinson.

In the minute-long video posted on the party’s Twitter account, Sir Keir is questioned on ITV’s Good Morning Britain by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid over Labour’s Brexit policy.

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The video ends with Sir Keir staring at the camera after being asked by Mr Morgan: “Why would the EU give you a good deal if they know you are going to actively campaign against it?”

However, in the original interview on Tuesday, Sir Keir actually replied to the host: “Well, Piers, I have been talking to the EU, to political leaders across the EU27 countries for three years, and I know very well what the parameters are of any deal that they would do with a Labour government.

Responding to the allegations of doctoring the video, Mr Cleverly told the BBC that Tory social media feeds had posted the interview in full and then followed it up with a “lighthearted satirical” video on Labour’s Brexit position.

“What we also did, and this is not unique to us, is we did a lighthearted satirical video, obviously so with a comedy soundtrack, highlighting the Labour Party’s chaotic position on Brexit,” he said.

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Asked whether his party had “posted a lie” online, he replied: “I disagree with your assessment of it.”

The edited video has been shared by a number of Conservative parliamentary candidates, including Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Piers Morgan was among those to criticise the edit.

He tweeted: “Correct, he did [answer the question], albeit not very convincingly – but the way it has been edited is misleading and unfair to Keir Starmer.”