David Mundell has hailed the Conservative Party’s record in Scotland as he claimed the “only job ” of SNP MPs is to secure another independence vote.

Mr Mundell, who was Scottish secretary under Theresa May and David Cameron, argued Scottish Tory MPs “have fought hard in Whitehall to get Scotland’s voice heard”.

Ahead of a campaign visit to Peebles alongside the party’s acting Scottish leader Jackson Carlaw, Mr Mundell highlighted UK Government action to freeze whisky taxes, exempt Police Scotland from VAT and introduce tax relief for the oil and gas sector as victories for Scottish Conservative MPs during the last parliament.

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The former minister said voters face a choice between SNP division or “more delivery of people’s priorities” with the Tories.

Mr Mundell, who is hoping to retain the Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale constituency where he secured 49.4% of the vote in 2017, said the SNP are working to deliver Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street with the hope of securing another independence referendum.

He said: “The choice at this election is clear: either we get more division from the SNP or more delivery of people’s priorities with Scottish Conservatives.

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“Whether it’s supporting our oil and gas industry, the whisky trade or our rural economy, Scottish Conservatives have fought hard in Whitehall to get Scotland’s voice heard. Every Scottish Conservative MP elected next month will press hard for more.

“By contrast, nationalist MPs have one job only – to be Nicola Sturgeon’s little Westminster helpers and secure another divisive independence referendum.

“Voting Scottish Conservative at this election will stop Nicola Sturgeon’s referendum in its tracks and ensure we get a government that delivers for Scotland.”