A Twitter feud has broken out between the Conservatives and the SNP over the prospect of a second independence referendum. 

In a post targeted at the Scottish Nationalists, the Conservatives tweeted a picture of Nicola Sturgeon with Jeremy Corbyn in her pocket alongside the caption: "#BREAKING: SNP confirms they would demand another Independence Referendum NEXT YEAR to support Corbyn and Labour in a coalition."


The SNP, however, responded simply with "Ahem" and a picture of US President Donald Trump.

The tweets have generated plenty of comments from supporters of both sides with some sharing images of Boris Johnson in Donald Trump's pocket and others hitting out at a potential future referendum. 

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Nicola Sturgeon has insisted the SNP has a “cast-iron” mandate to hold another independence vote, as she warned Boris Johnson has “no right to block the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland”.

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Launching the party’s General Election campaign at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, the First Minister said her intention remains to hold a second referendum on independence next year.

Yesterday Boris Johnson has branded Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon "yoke-mates of destruction" as he ruled out ever agreeing to another independence referendum. 

The Prime Minister insisted he would never hand over the power for a second referendum – even if there is a pro-independence majority at the next Holyrood election.