The principal of a top Scottish university has stepped down over allegations he failed to pay his rent.

Andrew Atherton took the £300,000 role at Dundee University in January this year, but was removed from office in September after an internal probe found he allegedly failed to meet payments on accommodation provided to him by the institution.

The 53-year-old, who received a £40,000 “disruption allowance” to help him relocate to the city from Lancaster, was reportedly living in University House on Perth Road.

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Professor Atherton took up the role on January 1 with a remuneration package totalling £298,000 - including £48,000 worth of pension contributions.

He was formerly Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Lancaster University.

A University of Dundee spokesperson said: "In the short time that Professor Atherton has been with the University he has shown a commitment to excellence.

"His broad experience has brought fresh ideas, a focus on sustainability and a drive to further enhance the University’s national and global standing.”

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He added: "However, it has become apparent that the University’s vision for its future and the values it holds are different to the aspirations of Professor Atherton.

"He has therefore decided to step down so that the University can continue to pursue its current strategy.

"The University Executive Group is managing the University’s affairs and will continue to do so."