The BBC has issued an apology after showing archive footage of Boris Johnson at a Remembrance Day service. 

Footage showed the initial line up including Boris Johnson awaiting to lay a red wreath before then showing a clip of the Prime Minister walking to the cenotaph from a previous year laying a green wreath.

The clip from when Boris Johnson was Foreign Secretary also showed former Prime Minister David Cameron and ex-Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

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During the service yesterday, Boris Johnson laid a poppy wreath upside down on the Cenotaph with the footage used by BBC not showing the error. 

Separate BBC footage not used also showed Mr Johnson stepping forward apparently a few seconds too early, before stepping back. 

Many were quick to slam the BBC with some accusing the corporation of 'doctoring footage'. Many took to social media accusing the corporation of 'covering up' the appearance and mistake of the PM. 

The BBC has since tweeted an apology stating that it was a production mistake. A statement read: "This morning on the programme we incorrectly used footage from a Remembrance Day service that was not filmed yesterday.

"This was a production mistake and we apologise for the error."

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BBC Breakfast editor Richard Frediani took to social media to explain the error stating that the 2016 footage from the archive had been restored in the system early yesterday morning in order to preview the Remembrance Sunday service.

Despite the explanation, many have called for an on-air apology from BBC Breakfast.