A public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Sheku Bayoh is to be set up, it has been announced.

Justice secretary Humza Yousaf confirmed a probe into the death of Mr Bayoh, who died after being restrained by police officers in Kirkcaldy in 2015, following a meeting with family members and the First Minister at the Scottish parliament on Tuesday.

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On Monday, it was announced none of the officers involved would face criminal proceedings, a decision which left Mr Bayoh’s family feeling “betrayed”.

In a statement to the Scottish Parliament, Mr Yousaf said the process of appointing the chairperson of the inquiry would begin shortly.

He said: "The first minister and I met with Mr Bayoh's family today to express our deepest condolences and assure them of our commitment to establishing the facts surrounding this tragic incident."

"They are right to expect a full public examination of the circumstances of Mr Bayoh's death and I stated my determination to put in place a process to deliver that."

He added: "It is imperative that the circumstances leading up to Mr Bayoh's death and the events that followed are examined in full and in public."

Mr Yousaf said he would update MSPs early next year confirming the inquiry's terms of reference.

Family lawyer Aamer Anwar said: "To say that a Public Inquiry must leave no stone unturned is an essential starting point."

"There must be publicly accountable learning.

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"As with events like Hillsborough or the inquiries into the killing of Stephen Lawrence, Zahid Mubarek or Hillsborough it is necessary in terms of public confidence and justice going forward for the various chapters of the inquiry to cover both the cause and the wider circumstances that contributed to the death and what recommendations can be made to avoid repetition and the safeguarding of lives in the future.

"From that, it follows that the Inquiry must identify each and every individual and organisation who must bear responsibility and accountability for this tragedy and the mishandling of the aftermath."