NICOLA Sturgeon has been accused of “shambolic logic” over the timetable for holding both Scottish independence and Brexit referendums next year.

It came as the First Minister confirmed securing an independence referendum in 2020 is her “priority",  ahead of another Brexit vote.

She previously said she will request a so-called Section 30 order by the end of this year, with the aim of holding a second independence referendum in the latter half of 2020.

But Ms Sturgeon has also given her support to holding another referendum on Brexit, with an option to Remain on the ballot paper.

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to "get Brexit sorted" in six months if he wins power, while there has been speculation the SNP could back a minority Labour government in return for an independence vote.

Ms Sturgeon was challenged over which should come first – an independence referendum or a Brexit referendum – during First Minister’s Questions.

Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw said: "I'm just not sure the First Minister has thought through her big double referendum promise.

"As she keeps telling us, she would ask Jeremy Corbyn for a referendum on independence and demand it's held next year.

"And we know too that she would support Mr Corbyn's plan for a second Brexit referendum also to be held next year.

"Now First Minister, clarify for me a simple question on timetabling - when is all this supposed to happen? Both referendums on the one day, or different days?

“Which vote would come first - indyref, euroref - which?"

Ms Sturgeon replied: "My priority – and I can't believe Jackson Carlaw hasn't actually cottoned on to this yet, he should maybe listen a bit more – my priority is to give the people of Scotland the opportunity to choose independence next year and I look forward to delivering on that."

Mr Carlaw later said the First Minister had “confirmed she wants to see an independence referendum before another Brexit vote”.

He said: “Any pro-UK voters who are tempted to vote for Nicola Sturgeon at this election now know the truth – she’s trying to take you for a ride. She’ll use your vote, and it’ll be an independence referendum she’ll be promoting first, second and last.

“And with Labour committed to a June re-run for the EU question, Nicola Sturgeon’s plan would mean an independence referendum within six months.

“Nicola Sturgeon has spent years telling voters in Scotland that she wants to wait to see how Brexit plays out before calling another independence referendum.

“Yet now she wants to hold that vote first, before Labour’s second EU referendum would take place.”

“It’s a shambolic logic which is going to fall to pieces.”

A spokesman for the First Minister said Scotland is not in control of the timetable for a second Brexit referendum.

He said: “Our preference, our position is for Scotland to be an independent member of the EU.”

The spokesman said Ms Sturgeon would be sympathetic to a second EU referendum towards the first half of next year.

But he made clear Ms Sturgeon’s preferred timetable for indyref2 – in the latter half of 2020 – would not be affected by the result of another Brexit referendum.

Asked how a UK-wide Remain vote would affect an independence referendum, he said: “In that circumstance, if the UK remains in the EU, the issue of Brexit is not going to go away... It will carry on for years.”

He said many people would see the way Scotland has been treated over the last few years as enough reason for an independence referendum.

Asked if the SNP's message to voters is to keep the UK in the EU in a second Brexit referendum, and then vote to leave the UK, the spokesman said he would not argue with that.