On a shoestring

THE winter general election campaign is already taking it’s toll on politicians, activists and journalists. Some more so than others. As temperatures plummeted, one hack was spotted attending a Jeremy Corbyn rally in Uddingston with one shoe held together by sellotape. It’s a hard life on the road.


ALSO falling apart was Mr Corbyn’s messaging on indyref2, as he managed to shift position no less than three times in two days. But it was all the media’s fault. Losing his cool with journalists, the Labour leader berated them for not asking about issues such as Universal Credit, poverty and housing. Friendly tip, Mr Corbyn: housing is devolved.

No fun

JEZZA’S mini press conference took place in a stifling room in Tannochside Miners Welfare Club. Just in case things got too lively, a notice was displayed on the wall: “No singing in lounge please. By order of the committee.” That was those ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn’ chants out the window, then.


SCOTTISH Labour’s Twitter account later hit back at the SNP’s insistence that indyref2 would be a red line in any post-election talks if Mr Corbyn failed to secure a majority. “Fourty [sic] years ago the SNP brought down a Labour government to usher in Margaret Thatcher,” the party fumed. “Fourty [sic] years on and Nicola Sturgeon has just promised to block a Labour government and help put Boris Johnson back in Number 10.” It ended with a forlorn plea for retweets.

Local support

MR Corbyn and Scottish leader Richard Leonard stopped off in Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill on Wednesday, where they praised local candidate Hugh Gaffney, who is defending a 1,586 majority. As supporters gathered round, Mr Leonard spoke of his hope that Mr Gaffney would be reelected on December 12. “No chance,” came a voice from the front.

Wish you were here

MEANWHILE, an older gent told the gathered journalists that a house overlooking the rally was once the home of serial killer Peter Manuel, the so-called Beast of Birkenshaw and one of the last criminals to die on the Barlinnie gallows. So at least Labour picked a lovely location.

Photo op

FORMER Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson was famous for her wacky photo opportunities - from straddling a tank to riding a buffalo. Unpsun isn’t saying the party is missing her leadership, but recent Tory press call highlights have included acting leader Jackson Carlaw “outside Tesco in Clarkston” and MSP Miles Briggs outside the Scottish Parliament, where he works. Unmissable!

Election fever

AS election fever grips the nation, the excitement was palpable at a Scottish Government briefing on Tuesday. “Only 30 days to go,” noted one journalist. “Is it 30 still?” a spokesman for the First Minister responded gloomily. Finally, she speaks for Scotland.