THE BREXIT party were still trying to find Scottish candidates to stand for Westminster just 36 hours before nominations closed.

Candidates who had agreed to stand for the party were also struggling to find 10 people willing to sign their nomination forms to ensure their entry was valid.

The chaos came to light when the party, run by Nigel Farage, sent out an email to their Scottish mailing list subscribers asking if any of them would want to run in the general election – at 9pm on Tuesday.

Those on the mailing list do not have to be members of the party to subscribe.

The following day, Brexit party officials were offering to come to people's homes and offices so they could sign nomination forms for candidates, less than 24 hours before the deadline.

The emails, seen by The Herald on Sunday, stated: "Across the country today, our candidates have been busy submitting their nomination papers for the most important General Election of our lifetimes. Now we are ready to take the fight to Corbyn’s Remainer Labour.

"There is just a handful of constituencies in Scotland where our candidate still needs a few signatures from local voters to complete their nomination. Could you help us with this by signing a form tomorrow, Thursday November 14th? Anybody in your household who is on the electoral roll can sign.

"Your name will not be published or publicised anywhere. There is no need to travel – we can come to you tomorrow.

"There are also a few constituencies where candidacy is still available, if you would like to take up the role of candidate, please reply to this email."

In total, 15 people have been confirmed as Brexit Party candidates in Scotland, despite Farage's promises to run in every seat that the Conservatives were not likely to win.

The UKIP leader was left red-faced after several candidates pulled out of the running just minutes before nominations closed on Thursday.

Now Scotland Yard are investigating claims of electoral fraud, following allegations that several prominent Brexit Party candidates were offered peerages or roles in the Brexit negotiations if they would agree not to stand in the election.

Former lord chancellor Lord Falconer wrote to the head of the Metropolitan Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions urging them to investigate what he called the “exceptionally serious allegations”.

Michael Gove yesterday dismissed Falconer's claims as "pretty nonsensical".

Included among the Brexit party's 275 candidates is David Ballantine, a former Tory candidate and one-time Scottish Libertarian Party member who was expelled for his views on Muslim people, according to one party member.

Ballantine was kicked out of the pro-independence SLP in 2016, with one member telling The Herald on Sunday: "His views on Muslims were not good. There were other reasons why he was expelled but that was one of them.

"He also told people he was our press officer, but that isn't true. He never held a role in the party, he was just a member until he was expelled."

A spokesman for the SLP confirmed his expulsion from the party, and said: "The then deputy leader Derek Scott received a complaint regarding David Ballantine's membership in 2016.

"This was brought to review at a meeting of the constitutional committee, where it was decided that his membership would be cancelled with immediate effect and he would not be allowed to obtain a new membership of the party."

Ballantine, who describes himself as an actor as well as the CEO of an asset management company, regularly updates a YouTube channel called Guerilla TV with videos about politics.

Among those appearing in his videos include Markus Meechan, who taught his pug to perform a Nazi salute, though he has also appeared with mainstream politicians such as the SNP's John Swinney.

He has previously said that he became critical of Islam after reading the Koran while being imprisoned in Dubai, for getting into an argument with a taxi driver.

Opposition parties have criticised the Brexit Party for their last-minute rush for candidates, and said it showed that they would have "no chance" in Scotland.

Scottish Liberal Democrat Campaign Chair Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “It’s not a surprise people aren’t queuing up to represent the Brexit party.

"They’re championing a reckless exit from the EU that will hurt our economy and risk people’s jobs.

“Our party is the home of remain. The Liberal Democrats have a full slate of candidates determined to stop Brexit and build a brighter future for communities across the country.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “This is more proof that anyone serious about respecting the Brexit vote should vote for the Scottish Conservatives.

“We’re committed to getting Brexit sorted, and putting an end to a decade of chaos and division in Scotland.”

Alison Thewliss, SNP candidate for Glasgow Central said: "This election is one of the most important in Scotland’s history, and a vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit and to protect Scotland’s right to choose its own future - rather than leaving it in the hands of Boris Johnson.

“This latest gaffe shows just how little appetite there is in Scotland for Brexit.”

The Brexit Party did not respond to our requests for comment, and neither did Mr Ballantine.