SCOTRAIL faced a backlash last night over responses by the firm’s Twitter account to social media users.

In a series of replies, one of the staff operating the account – named “MF” – issued snappy answers to those with questions.

Referring to a campaign to ensure tickets are bought before boarding, Gordon Stewart asked: “What if you catch the train with seconds to spare? Are we getting the jail even though buying a ticket on the train going to a barrier station?”

ScotRail replied: “We would advise to arrive at the station with plenty of time before hand. Thanks, ^MF”

Scott Mackenzie weighed in, telling ScotRail: “This is an awful response. Some people need to catch a bus to the station which they have no control over and can mean getting there two minutes before train is due.”

Another user, Paul Moran, posted a picture of a folded-up seat and asked: “Why offer first-class tickets for trains that only have two carriages and no seats. Having to sit on one of these as well. Edinburgh to Perth.”

ScotRail hit back: “That is a seat, Paul. ^MF”

Moran replied: “That’s not the point nor funny. I’m a visitor to your country and went to buy a ticket. £16 single or £23 first class. Decided to treat myself.

"Train has no first-class section or seats. So basically ripped off £7. Why sell 1st class tickets for a train that has none.”

Only then did ScotRail offer advice on refunds.