Jo Swinson has been slammed by Nicola Sturgeon and campaign groups for a 'disgraceful' response to a question regarding the use of nuclear weapons.  

When asked during the ITV Election Interview if she would ever be prepared to use a nuclear weapon, the Lib Dem leader simply said: "Yes" with the interviewer even thanking Swinson for her "brilliant short answer"

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However, the response has now attracted significant criticism from politicians and campaign groups across social media. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: "It’s sickening to hear this question asked and answered as if it’s some kind of virility test and without any context. Using nuclear weapons would mean killing millions of people. Those consequences should be made clear. (FWIW - and for that reason - my answer is ‘no’)"


Other campaign groups also tweeted their disapproval of the answer from the Lib Dem leader and condemned her for unhesitatingly saying she would push the nuclear button.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament commented: "This is a disgraceful response from Jo Swinson. Not for the 1st time in this general election, she confirms she's ready to press the nuclear button. Not even a moment's hesitation about the prospect of killing millions of people. We need better than this."

Many took to social media to criticise Swinson following the exchange.

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The Lib Dem leader was also criticised for then discussing plans of a frequent flyer levy to tackle climate change immediately after her response to the nuclear question. Despite the criticism, some praised Swinson for her honest answer with Pier Morgan tweeting: Right answer @joswinson - else why have a nuclear missile system?

One commentator wrote: "Interesting that Jo Swinson cites New Zealand Labour prime minister Jacinda Ardern as her favourite world leader right after saying she’d use nukes; given Ardern’s party made NZ a nuclear-free zone and she has made global disarmament a priory"