Last night, Nicola Sturgeon was declared the Herald Scottish Politician of the Year 2019 for her unprecedented influence over the UK political system.

The Herald event, which recognises the key contributions being made in politics saw a number of awards being handed out with Joanna Cherry winning the Best Scot at Westminster award, Jackie Ballie taking home the Community MSP of the Year award and the Public Campaign of the Year being won by the British Heart Foundation Scotland.

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You can see the full list of honours won at the awards ceremony HERE.

The First Minister said: “I'm delighted to receive this award and I congratulate all of the other winners tonight. 

"This is a recognition of the strong stance the Scottish Government and the SNP have taken in protecting Scotland's interests over the past year. 

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"Brexit and its effects are posing the most profound challenges ‎, and we will continue to stand up for our national interests in the year ahead."

All pictures by Stewart Attwood.