The photographer of an image of Jeremy Corbyn at an anti-Apartheid rally has hit out at Rachel Riley over manipulation of his image. 

Rob Scott took to social media to lambast Riley for promoting her agenda using his image. 

He tweeted: "My pic of Corbyn’s arrest has been illegally manipulated+printed on a shirt worn by Rachel Riley to cynically promote her agenda. I’m appalled by the abuse of property, moral rights and change of anti-racist message to anti-Corbyn one which I strongly disagree with. Pls share." 

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The post from the photographer was widely shared with over 12,000 people retweeting his post. 

Following the show of support, he tweeted: "Thanks to everyone who has liked/RT. It’s gratifying to know that people appreciate the importance of protecting intellectual property rights &that unlawfully altering a photograph is wrong, particularly when it relates to such important matters as racism. Thanks for your support"

In a photo posted on Twitter, the Countdown presenter could be seen wearing a T-shirt of the Labour leader holding a placard, which read: “Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour.”


However, the original image by Rob Scott actually showed Mr Corbyn being led away by police during an anti-apartheid rally in 1984, with the sign reading: “Defend the right to demonstrate against apartheid; join this picket.”

Riley, who is Jewish, has been a vocal critic of Labour’s handling of anti-Semitism and has regularly accused Mr Corbyn of failing to properly address the issue.

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Her tweet was criticised by many with actress Tracy Ann Oberman – who has also criticised the party over anti-Semitism – tweeted: “Saw @RachelRileyRR was trending. Assumed she’d had her and Pasha’s baby. NOOOO just another massive evil organised Corbyn Troll Army pile on. They hate because they know you’re getting your message out there Rachel. Stay strong #NeverCorbyn.”