This is the moment Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Surrey Heath Michael Gove attempted to be included on Channel 4's climate debate but was denied entry.

The Conservatives have made a formal complaint to Ofcom's election committee as an ice sculpture was used in Mr Johnson's place for the debate, which was broadcast last night.

The broadcaster said the invitation was for leaders only and put an ice sculpture in place of Boris Johnson.

Former Environment Secretary Michael Gove attempted to enter the debate saying he had in place of Mr Johnson. 

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After being refused entry, the Tories accused the broadcaster of "conspiring" with Jeremy Corbyn to block them from the debate.

They have written to Ofcom's election committee, saying that the use of an ice sculpture in place of the prime minister was a "provocative partisan stunt".

Mr Gove also posted footage of himself arriving and asking if he could be the Conservative voice in the debate. Upon arrival, he was told ‘we weren’t expecting you’. 

Before the debate, the editor of Channel 4 News, Ben de Pear, tweeted a picture of Mr Gove and the Prime Minister’s father Stanley Johnson, who were both at the studio.

Mr Gove also posted footage of himself arriving and asking if he could be the Conservative voice in the debate.

After the programme, Mr de Pear said: “It was very kind of Michael Gove to offer himself to appear on Channel 4 News this evening, and we always welcome him on the programme.

“However, as we made clear to him repeatedly, because he is not the leader of the Conservative Party, his participation was not required at tonight’s #climatedebate – which was strictly for party leaders only.”

Rebecca Newsom, head of politics at Greenpeace UK, said: “Given how poorly Boris Johnson’s manifesto scored in our climate and nature ranking, it’s no surprise he refused to take part.

“This could have been an opportunity for him to set the record straight and commit to stronger policies.

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“But running scared doesn’t just spark witty hashtags highlighting his cowardice, it demonstrates to voters a serious lack of leadership over a crisis that affects us all.”

Mr Johnson has also yet to agree to a slot for a head-to-head interview with Mr Neil on the BBC who has so far interviewed SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He was invited to the spin room and told he would have time allocated but Mr Gove said that while he appreciated the offer "what I'd really like to do if that's OK is to just take part in the debate itself. Because all the other parties will be represented and I just think it's only fair if we have a Conservative voice there as well. 

When asked if Boris Johnson would be attending, Mr Gove said: "He can't at the moment, so having been Environmental Minister and as the Minister who's responsible for the Climate Change Summit in Glasgow next year, I thought it would be fair just to give me a chance to have a debate.