JEANE Freeman must legally intervene at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and escalate its supervision to the highest possible level, according to an opposition politician.

Monica Lennon, Labour's health spokeswoman, said the health board should be upgraded immediately to level 5 of the NHS Board Performance Escalation Framework, after a child died this week while being treated at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Last week, NHSGGC was told it would be subject to level four supervision by the government, which Lennon has argued does not go far enough.

Yesterday the MSP joined her colleague Anas Sarwar at a meeting with 15 parents, who said they did not trust the hospital's board.

Lennon explained: "When NHS Tayside was found to have raided a hospital charity fund to plug the hole in its finances, former Health Secretary Shona Robison said the position of the Chief Executive was ‘untenable’ and the Chair stepped down.

“In contrast to this tough action on financial performance in Tayside, Jeane Freeman has taken a softer stance in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, where child deaths and infection scandals have destroyed public confidence.

"This is not a good enough response."

Stage four of the government monitoring scheme is the second highest level of supervision for health boards, when they are deemed unable to resolve issues themselves without government assistance.

To proceed to stage five Jeane Freeman would have to authorise the move and take advice from the Health and Social Care Management Board, using Scottish Ministers' powers of intervention under the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978.

Lennon added: "The leadership of NHSGGC has lost the trust and confidence of parents, and it’s time for them to step aside.

“Jeane Freeman must take the highest possible action against the health board and do so immediately.

“Bereaved parents and families who are worried for their children’s safety at the QEUH have completely lost trust in the leadership of the board.

“Scottish Labour fought for a public inquiry because the safety of our hospitals is at stake. We didn’t take no for an answer from Jeane Freeman in pursuing this and now we are urging her to do the right thing again for parents who need answers now - sort out the crisis in leadership at NHSGGC.”

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said: “My deepest sympathies are with all the families affected by the issues at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

“The decision by Health and Social Care Management Board to escalate from stage 2 to 4 on the performance framework was in recognition of the need for decisive action of the sort Ms. Lennon is calling for.

"I believe that this escalation will ensure the appropriate governance is in place to increase public confidence and strengthen approaches which are currently in place in relation to infection prevention, management and control at the QEUH and the RHC and the associated communication and public engagement issues.

“We are committed to ensuring that these matters are dealt with transparently and with clear accountability, which is one of the reasons the Health Secretary has instructed a public inquiry in these matters to be chaired by Lord Brodie."