AN award-winning Scot has combined art with the nation’s distilleries for his lastest project.

Inspired by the malt whisky industry, Euan McGregor has toured Scotland painting the iconic buildings where the “water of life” is created.

The Ayrshire-based artist said: “I love the fact that these industrial-sized buildings often inhabit the wildest of places, so there’s a contradiction of sorts, but they work well together, especially as the product is so synonymous with its geography.”

McGregor reveals a particular interest to the old signage used to guide boats to safely berth at distilleries on Islay.

He added: “They are like proud beacons giving clarity to ships and tourists alike.

“The buildings themselves are industrial cathedrals with specific shapes integral to the whisky-making process.”

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McGregor studied at Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a degree in printmaking. But even then he was unable to resist the medium of painting. “I was always getting into trouble by adding printmaking to painting … which I still do,” he said.

McGregor, from West Kilbride, is also a recipient of the RGI Cuthbert Artist Award and Glasgow Art Club Fellowship Award.

Euan McGregor is showing his latest distilleries at in Edinburgh and in London in January