Boris Johnson has been heckled during his visit to a Christmas market in Wiltshire.

The prime minister’s walkabout in Salisbury was greeted with cries of “Shame!” amid some messages of support. 

In the video, Joyce Smale, 67, from Salisbury, can be heard screaming: “Shame on you, absolute shame! Ruining the country!”

Speaking to The Independent she was concerned about the state of the NHS under Conservative leadership.

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It came as party leaders across the country went on the campaign trail. On a visit to Salisbury, Mr Johnson was met with shouts of “Vote Labour”, “Get Brexit done” and “Tell me how many children you’ve got” – to which he did not reply.

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On the trail today the Prime Minister was also told: "he had dandruff."

After chatting with Paul O’Rourke through the window of his room at a veterans’ campus in Wiltshire, the Prime Minister started to walk away – only to be told: “You’ve got dandruff.”

Mr Johnson laughed off the comment as he brushed his jacket, replying: “I’ve got to watch out for that, thank you.”

Mr Johnson’s visit to Salisbury on Tuesday came as his foreign secretary was embroiled in a row about the NHS.

Asked if he had got a Christmas present for Mr Trump, the PM said he was sure “someone has thought of something suitable” but would not offer a suggestion.