NICOLA Sturgeon will today target student voters by arguing a Tory win next week would rob of them of their rights and narrow their futures.

On campus visits in Dundee, Arbroath and Aberdeen, the First Minister will urge young people to “unite around the SNP to lock Boris Johnson out of office”.

She said: “Boris Johnson will strip away the right to live and work freely across Europe.

“He will rob young people of their EU citizenship rights and his extreme Brexit will threaten employee rights.

“His Brexit will hit the economy hard, cutting job opportunities and living standards for young people. And he threatens the NHS which all of us rely on.”

Polling suggests young votes are the most enthusiastic about the EU and independence, but also the age group least likely to vote, while the elderly are more Tory and pro-Brexit and more reliable at voting

As part of her final week battle bus tour, the SNP leader went on: “The future for young people in Scotland is on the line in this election. It has never been more important for young people to vote.

“The SNP in this election is campaigning for a better future for Scotland’s young people:

“A guarantee of no university tuition fees with the SNP.

“The right of people to choose whether to become an independent member of the EU so that young people will enjoy full rights. An NHS in public hands, free at the point of use and protected from Donald Trump.

“A rise in the statutory living wage to at least the level of the real living wage, and an end to age discrimination.

“There are real opportunities for young people in Scotland, and voting SNP at this election can lock Boris Johnson out of government and secure that better future.”