A resurgent SNP is set to gain 11 seats in next week's general election, according to analysis of the latest poll.

Nicola Sturgeon's party will pick up 44% of votes on Thursday,  a YouGov survey for The Times has found.

However, the Tories are predicted to hold eight of their 13 Scottish seats in a development that might just keep Boris Johnson in Downing Street.

That is because the Conservative share of the vote has jumped eight percentage points since YouGov last carried out a poll in August. The UK government party now stands at 28%, up from 20% in the summer. The Brexit Party, meanwhile, has lost all of its support in Scotland, dropping from 6% to zero.

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Polling and politics expert John Curtice, writing in The Times, said: "Much of the Conservative advance is a consequence of the collapse in support for the Brexit Party....the Conservatives now have reasonable hopes of retaining many if not all of their seats."

The SNP, according to the poll, are doing even better in Holyrood voting intentions. The pro-independence party sits on 46%. That should deliver them 62 seats in the Scottish Parliament. Along with nine Greens, who will pick up nine seats, there would be a pro-independence majority in Holyrood after 2021, if the polls hold as they are now.

The polls also revealed that Brexit was by far the biggest issue of the election, with 49% of those surveyed citing leaving the EU as the most important issue. Another 26% said independence was most important.