Support for Scottish independence has fallen, according to a new poll.

Over half (56%) of respondents to a YouGov survey for the Times said they would vote against independence in another referendum, with just 44% voting Yes.

It shows a marginal move from the 2014 results, which saw 55% No and 45% yes.

The final figures removed people who responded 'don't know', or those who said they would not vote or skipped the question.

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A similar poll in September for the Times showed 49% would vote in favour of independence, with 51% against.

However, despite the fall in support for independence, the poll suggests SNP is on course to gain 11 MPs in next week's General Election.

The party were put on 44%, which is up one point from a poll in August, with the Tories up 8% on 28%.

The survey also found that the number of people who believe there should be a Scottish independence referendum within the next five years has fallen.

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A total of 42% of respondents were in favour, down from 45% in August, with 48% against - up from 44% in August.