A TORY MSP has disowned Boris Johnson over his unsympathetic reaction to a sick child forced to lie on a hospital floor.

Annie Wells said she did not "represent Boris Johnson" despite him being the ultimate leader of her party.

In a warm-up show before the last TV debate of the election, Ms Wells was asked about the Prime Minister’s refusal to even look at a picture of the four-year-old boy in Leeds General Hospital.

Mr Johnson was accused of having an “empathy bypass” after pocketing the phone of ITV reporter Joe Pike when he tried to show him the picture of Jack Williment-Barr on Monday.

The child has suspected pneumonia but was later given the all clear.

Asked about the incident before the BBC Scotland leaders’ debate, Ms Wells said: “I will admit that he could have done better. I wouldn’t have handled it that way.

“But I don’t represent Boris Johnson. I don’t understand his way of thinking.

“But what I would say is that it is one thing in this campaign and he could have handled it better.”

It followed SNP Brexit Secretary Michael Russell telling the same programme the incident was further proof that Mr Johnson was “unfit” to remain in Downing Street.