TOMORROW the very future of our Union is on the line. Only by voting for the Scottish Conservatives can you end the threat of a second independence referendum for good.

Nicola Sturgeon has said next week that she will demand the power to hold another one.

So before you cast your vote, let me reiterate my absolute guarantee to readers of The Herald that if you elect a majority Conservative government we will reject that demand for a second independence referendum. This is in stark contrast to Jeremy Corbyn, who will sell out Scotland in a heartbeat to get into government and cave in to Nicola Sturgeon’s demand for an independence referendum in less than 12 months’ time.

The awesome foursome of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are better off together. I am a Unionist to my very bones, and the Union will never be broken up on my watch.

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Despite Scotland voting decisively to remain part of the UK in 2014, the SNP plough on relentlessly with their independence obsession, neglecting vital public services like hospitals and schools.

The people of Scotland deserve much better than this, and Thursday Tomorrow provides an opportunity to use your vote to send a message to the SNP to get back to the day job.

In contrast Scottish Conservatives are working hard for Scotland. They are running on a positive track record of achievements with a bold vision to do more.

Next year alone, the Scottish Government will receive an additional £1.2 billion to spend on Scotland’s public services.

We will make sure Brexit works for the people of Scotland and have outlined a clear commitment to leave the Common Fisheries Policy in December 2020 and to take back control of Scottish fishing waters as an independent coastal state. We are also quadrupling the size of the seasonal agricultural scheme to 10,000 workers – a scheme campaigned for by Scottish Conservative MPs.

We’ve already delivered tax cuts worth £2.3bn to the North Sea oil and gas sector and invested £90 million in the Oil and Gas Technology Centre in Aberdeen.

And while Labour have been busy planning a new £11bn tax on the oil and gas industry, a majority Conservative government will negotiate a transformative sector deal with the industry to protect Scottish jobs and ensure that the North Sea oil and gas industry has a long future, as we transition to a Net Zero economy by 2050.

The Conservatives will also continue to support Scotland’s incredible whisky industry.

The Scotch whisky sector supports 42,000 jobs in the UK, including 10,500 in Scotland. But almost £3 in every £4 of the price of a bottle of Scotch whisky is made up in taxation – so we will review alcohol duty rates to ensure the system is competitive.

We’re already freezing the Spirits Duty for the second year in a row, meaning that the price of a typical bottle is 30p lower than if it otherwise would be. had risen by inflation.

And the Scottish Conservatives are saving Britain’s armed forces from another SNP tax-whack by making our tax-break for military personnel permanent. This is saving our brave troops serving in Scotland as much as £2,200 a year and avoiding them suffering from the SNP’s higher income tax.

So, the choice in the ballot box tomorrow is clear: a vote for the Scottish Conservatives who will stop a second independence referendum and focus on investing in Scotland’s future, or a vote for the SNP to prop up Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street and tear apart our Union with two more divisive referendums while neglecting Scotland’s public services.

Tomorrow, let’s stop the SNP’s plans for a second independence referendum for good, end the Brexit uncertainty and prevent us all waking up to a nightmare Friday the 13th Corbyn-Sturgeon government.

Boris Johnson is Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.