ScotRail staff have alerted the police after being threatened by a passenger who said they'd "punch the head clean aff" employees.

The message was sent on social media with the train operator responding: "We're here to help you".

It came as ScotRail were attempting to handle major disruption to services across the central belt for a second day through flooding and line issues.

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After posting a screenshot of the anonymous message ScotRail said they had informed British Transport Police (BTP).

In response, one user told ScotRail: "You don't help us when trains are cancelled with no alternative options available."


The train operator responded: "Actually we do everything we can to help. Alternative transport takes time to arrange and we communicate this as quickly as possible once confirmed. Regardless, we are not here to be spoken to like that!"

Another traveller condemned the response saying: "Bullsh*t. When this apparently has been arranged and announced in stations, bus drivers seem to know nothing about it? Don't increase fares and lower standards yearly if you don't want angry customers!"

ScotRail said it was happy to feed back issues received but added: "Nobody is being paid to take abuse or threats at their work and we won't."


Another user Nathan Sparling, the chief executive of HIV Scotland gave some support to the train operator saying: "Nobody should be spoken to like sh*t, anger or otherwise. No justification. Whether or not the service of the trains is good enough, staff do their best to keep you informed in stressful situations."