Party pooped

WHEN you’re a young whippersnapper life is one big party. A few years down the line and you start to experience what can only be called life’s after-party: a period of calm, reflection and finding salted peanuts down the back of the sofa. It would appear that actress Nicola Roy has reached that point. In a "pass me the smelling salts" frame of mind, she swoons: “Is it a law that when you get to be over 30 you have one night out and then pay for it by spending the whole of the day lying on the floor in your jammies, often needing water or food, but taking a good two hours each time to work up to getting some?”

Millar time

MARK Millar is no mere comic book writer. He’s also one of the head honchos on the Netflix TV streaming service, where several of his stories are in development. One of the perks of that particular gig is getting tickets to the swanky Golden Globes awards in LA. Unfortunately Mark couldn’t make it across the pond on Sunday to mingle with the likes of Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep as his kids were starting school in Scotland the following day. “On the plus side,” says Mark, who’s clearly a glass-half-full sorta guy, “we got to go for a McDonalds Breakfast in Crow Road on the way to school.”

Little joke

FORTYSOMETHING movie star Leonardo DiCaprio usually dates twentysomething females. Edinburgh-based comedian Liam Withnail has a certain something to say about that. “I want to see that movie about Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends,” he reveals. And which film would that be? “I think it's called Little Women,” grins Liam.

Book mark

WHILE studying his Facebook page, reader Martin McIver came across an interesting fact. “Somebody had posted a statistic saying that if people stopped wasting their time on social media they could read 200 books a year with the extra hours available to them,” says Martin, who admits to being impressed by this information. “Thank goodness I happened to be wasting my time on social media,” he adds. “Or I’d never have discovered this was the case.”

Wise words?

AN empowering piece of wisdom from comedian John O’Brien who says: “Pushing grannies aff a bus is a lot easier than you would think. Don’t let anybody tell you what isn’t possible.”

Deeply dippy

ENDING with the merest whiff of whimsy, reader Alan Cooper says that to escape the sniffles and sneezes of a Scottish winter he flew to Florida in December. “I was taking a dip in the hotel swimming pool when the lifeguard shouted to me: ‘Yo! What you got there?’” says Alan, who replied to the man: “'Hummus'.”

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