A group of climate change protesters have barricaded the entrance to the office of an investment management firm in Edinburgh.

Members of Extinction Rebellion Scotland arrived at Baillie Gifford in Greenside Row at around 7.30am this morning to protest against their investment in the fossil fuel industry.

Images and footage from the scene in Leith Street show dozens of police officers and vehicles surrounding the protestors.

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According to the environmental group, some activists intend to stay at the building all day, with banners reading ‘MSPs Pensions Invested in Ecocide’,  ‘Baillie Gifford Profits From Extinction’ and "stop funding fossil fuels".

An Extinction Rebellion Scotland spokesperson said: "We're blocking Baillie Gifford on Leith Street, the company that manages the MSP pension fund (current assets of over 85million).

"Despite calls from MSPs to divest, pension fund shares in Shell have increased by 19.5% since."