Campaigners have raised more than £40,000 towards a legal challenge to Boris Johnson’s denial of a second referendum on Scottish independence.

The Forward as One group aim to fund court action against the UK Prime Minister’s decision to reject Nicola Sturgeon’s request for a section 30 order which would have guaranteed a vote on Scotland leaving the United Kingdom.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said allowing a second vote on Scotland’s future would “continue the political stagnation” of the last decade.

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However the group, who aim to raise £50,000 through the funding platform crowdjustice, argue that move breaches the “fundamental rights” of the Scottish electorate to vote on constitutional matters and will launch the action independent of the Scottish government.

They say top lawyers from legal firm Balfour and Manson who fought against Brexit and the illegal prorogation of parliament through the courts have been appointed to pursue the action.

HeraldScotland: Forward as One has raised more than £40,000 towards a legal challengeForward as One has raised more than £40,000 towards a legal challenge

A statement on the website reads: “It is the intention of this action, to duly notify the UK Government that should they fail to acquiesce to a formal request by the Scottish Government for a Section 30 order so that a Second Referendum on Independence from the United Kingdom can be called, that the people, not just the Government of Scotland will seek to defend our civil and political rights by initiating legal action against them.”

“Whether or not the Scottish Government take legal action against the UK Government for refusal or ignoring of a section 30 request is immaterial, our action will have the effect of being the electorate defending its rights against the UK Government who are seeking to usurp them, this would, therefore, complement any action that the Scottish Government may seek to take against the UK Government.”

The First Minister hit back at the UK government decision yesterday, saying the  response showed the “Westminster Union” was not a partnership of equals and would only fuel support for Scottish independence.

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Ms Sturgeon formally requested the section 30 order before Christmas, however Mr Johnson’s government took almost a month to issue their response.

His rejection comes after weeks and months of Mr Johnson flatly refusing to grant the order to enable Holyrood to hold another poll. 

Before the General Election, he told The Herald that the 2014 vote was effectively “for good”.