SCOTTISH Tory leadership contender Jackson Carlaw has been excitedly retweeting endorsements, we see. Like the one from Jackie McCamon, a Tory byelection candidate in Dumfries. “Jackie would be a first class Cllr. Delighted to have her on #TeamJackson,” he gushed. Alas, the photo Ms McCamon posted of her nomination paper clearly showed she had written the wrong name, one “Jackson Carlow”. Part of #TeamJockson perhaps?


TALKING of endorsements, spare a thought for Glasgow councillor Eva Murray, who also took to Twitter to back a candidate. On Thursday, she declared she was “proud to nominate friend and fighter” Pauline McNeill to be Scottish Labour’s next deputy leader, as she was “committed to listening to the grassroots”, Cllr Murray gushed. Let’s hope Ms McNeill listens better than she types. The Glasgow MSP replied: “Thanks Eva very much unappreciated.”


Ballantyne boost

MR Carlaw looks like a shoo-in rep replace Ruth Davidson as Public Tory No1 in Scotland. Or at least that’s what Unspun thought until his launch, when in walked perpetual candidate Iain ‘Blue Jonah’ McGill. The former Edinburgh postie has tried in vain to get elected to Holyrood, Westminster and Brussels a dozen times. Superstitious observers declared that if Mr McGill was part of Team Jackson, it was definitely time to bet on Michelle Ballantyne.

Looking pasty

ELSEWHERE, Ian Murray, Scotland’s sole remaining Labour MP, launched his campaign to be the UK party’s deputy leader at his old school in Edinburgh’s Wester Hailes. In a lovely touch, he was introduced by Danny Costello, his 73-year-old former deputy principal. “From the outset, Ian fully and successfully engaged in the whole life of the school, the curricular and extra-curricular side of things, from music to PE,” said Mr Costello, beaming with pride. He added: “This was before he discovered Greggs.”

Labour values

MR Murray later reminisced about his time as a schoolboy entrepreneur, selling t-shirts through a Young Enterprise scheme. “We did very, very well out of it – the way the process worked is you sold shares to friends, family, teachers and colleagues, you used that money to buy stock, you designed them, you advertised, you marketed, you then sold it all and you paid the shareholders back,” he said. Before adding: “We forgot about the last bit.”

Top priorities

MORE news from the £1.4 million Citizens Assembly, the talking shop boldly reimagining Scotland’s future. Last week, Unspun noted an aspiration for the country to “be free of Nicola Sturgeon” among the hundreds of members’ ideas for “the Scotland we are seeking to build”. Other highlights include a plea for a football team “that can reach the world cup finals” and a noble desire to “make fags and alcohol cheaper”. It’s enough to make the heart swell with pride.