Glasgow Print Studio has announced the new date for their forthcoming exhibition, Omnium Gatherum, which will gather the works of Alasdair Gray.

The exhibition, which will take place on the 7th of February until the 12th of April in the Glasgow Print Studio in Trongate, will include new and never before seen works which will be shown alongside Alasdair's works in print.

The original pieces were published by Glasgow Print Studio from 1979 until 2019.

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A spokesperson from Glasgow Print Studio said:

"Alasdair had been working on a new body of work for this exhibition, of which all but one were completed before his death."

Alasdair, who was one of Scotland's most prolific and established visual artists and authors, died in December 2019.

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He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Saltire Society shortly before his death, and speaking exclusively to The Glasgow Times in his last interview, said that he was 'very excited' for the upcoming exhibition of his work. He also added that he hoped that in his years creating, he had 'learned how to be an artist'.