A security firm is suing the builders of the Queensferry Crossing for nearly £40,000 after a guard badly injured his knee when a walkway collapsed during construction.

Court papers lodged at Edinburgh Sheriff Court detail how Robert Cameron tore his anterior cruciate ligament six years ago while working on the £1.3 billion bridge between Edinburgh and Fife.

He successfully claimed the amount from Glasgow-based employers SecuriGroup Services in 2017 and the firm is now going after the Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors consortium.

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The court papers reveal that Mr Cameron was working for SecuriGroup Services as a security guard on the Queensferry Crossing project in October 2014 at the Echline compound.

The papers state: “On the 24th of October Mr Cameron walked on a designated footpath within the compound.

“He was working on-site when the footpath subsided underneath him.

“The subsidence caused Mr Cameron to fall.

“Mr Cameron sustained a torn anterior cruciate ligament as a result of this fall.”

Court documents go on to note the precise circumstances of the accident are not known and not admitted.

Mr Cameron pursued SecuriGroup Services for compensation for his injury at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The court papers lodged at Edinburgh Sheriff Court state the cause of the accident was due to the ‘fault and negligence’ of Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors.

They read: “The accident was caused, at least in part, by the fault and negligence of the defenders.

“The defenders were in control of the site where employees such as Mr Cameron were allowed access.

“The defenders had a duty to take reasonable care for the safety of Mr Cameron.

“The defenders failed to construct a safe traffic route for pedestrians, workers and vehicles.”

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Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors are also accused of failing to ensure the footpath was maintained and failing in their duty of care.

A spokesman for Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors said: “As this is an on-going legal matter, it would not be appropriate to comment further.”

SecuriGroup Services has been approached for comment.