SCOTLAND’S newest MEP has been confirmed in her job - just three days before she loses it.

The European Parliament formally recognised the SNP’s Heather Anderson, allowing her to briefly join colleagues in Brussels before becoming redundant on Brexit Day on Friday

Ms Anderson replaces the former SNP MEP Alyn Smith, who was elected as the MP for Stirling in the recent general election.

As MEPs cannot serve in two parliaments, Mr Smith lost his European job, and Ms Anderson replaced him as the next available person on the SNP’s 2019 European list.

Ms Anderson joins former MSP Christian Allard and former minister Aileen McLeod on the SNP ticket in Europe, and together they make up half of Scotland’s six MEPs.

One of Ms Anderson’s first and last acts as an MEP will be to vote against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal when it comes before the European Parliament in Brussels tomorrow.

She said: "I’m delighted to be taking up my post, if only for a few days.

“The people of Scotland resoundingly rejected Brexit at the referendum and have underlined that position at every subsequent election. It’s therefore important that a full complement of Scotland’s MEPs is in place to register that view in the parliamentary record.

“We know that the UK is leaving the EU at the end of this week. Scotland has a clear route back however – and I hope to be able to return to Brussels in the not so distant future to resume work as an MEP for an independent member state.”

In line with all other MEPs who have served less than one year in office, Ms Anderson will not be entitled to a pay off or pension rights.