WELL, they say swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Works all of your muscles, apparently, with little strain. However, you can only take swimming fans' word for it.

Until now, that is, for there is a way to see those muscles working. Well, almost, for the Watford Naturist Swimming Club (WNSC) offers you the chance to dare to bare in the heated comfort of your local pool.

The club does exactly what it says on the tin, or the website in this case, which with the help of some strategically dotted links leading you to the Central Council for British Naturism, explains exactly what is involved in the practice. Although WNSC is essentially swimming in the nude, apparently there is a lot more to it than just strolling around with your kit off.

There is a lot in this naturism lark, according to both the WNSC's and the council's website. It's a whole way of life for some people, who socialise, play sports and even go on holiday with other like-minded souls dressed only as nature intended and enjoying the freedom it brings. They say.

And, according to its website, WNSC aims to provide much of this on its own. It's not just splashing around in the water, or sploshing down the flumes at Watford Central Baths or Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, St Albans. It offers a social side as well as the sporty aspect, and reaffirms this with a nod to beers and curries being enjoyed after sporting events with other organisations around the country.

As you would expect with a site of this nature, less is more. It's a very sparse site with no pictures and just one image and very few pages. The pages that are on site are, however, filled with pertinent information and, as mentioned above, there are plenty of useful links to fill in any cracks in the details.

Scores of people are discovering the joys of naturism daily, apparently, so take a look at the site and decide for yourself. Modesty blankets are provided!

To visit the site, click the link below