A Dutch town has replaced a Union Jack with a Saltire in its lineup of EU flags.

Leeuwarden, in the Netherlands, appeared to stand in solidarity with hundreds of Scots who took to the streets on Friday night in opposition to the UK's departure from the EU.

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As the country left the European Union at 11pm, the Dutch town was left with an empty mast, which they were quick to fill, according to news site Frieschdagblad.

The flag was erected at the Leeuwarden train station.

The town's councillor said it first considered raising a rainbow flag, but noticed some people in Scotland were 'very upset' at the result of Brexit.

Culture councillor Sjoerd Feitsma said: "I was thinking about replacing the Union Jack with an EU flag or a Rainbow flag. 

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"I noticed that the Scots are very upset that they will no longer be in the EU and that they have to put the European flag in the Scottish parliament. 

"There are already plans to hang this flag outside the official area of ​​parliament. 

"Then I thought: we can do something with that."