A video has emerged on social media that casts doubts over claims made by England head coach Eddie Jones.

Jones hit out at Scotland fans for being disrespectful and claimed that England’s head of performance, Neil Craig, was struck on the head by a beer bottle that was thrown when his side arrived at Murrayfield.

He also slammed the Scotland support for booing Owen Farrell when kicking penalties and conversions. 

Speaking after England won the Calcutta Cup for the first time in three years, Jones said: “We weren’t expecting beer bottles to be thrown, that’s a new trick.

“It’s a pretty good achievement, throwing beer bottles, you’ve got to be brave to throw a beer bottle. Neil has a hard head, I know that, and there’s not much inside it. He will be all right.” 

He was quick to confirm that Craig suffered no injury and he would not be taking the incident any further.

"(Making a complaint) is not going to do anything is it?"

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However, a video has since emerged on social media that shows the bottle falling on top of the bus from the gantry before being caught by the wind and eventually pushed over the side. 

Social media users have been quick to share the footage with many saying that Eddie Jones was far too quick to allege that the bottle was thrown.

You can see the video below

One user on social media wrote: "Not condoning the bottle “incident” and the booing at kicks is always unacceptable in my opinion, however, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the plastic bottle was blown from the upper deck rather than being thrown! Jones making the most of both incidents as always." Another added: "No doubting these things can happen by accident and of course some people could do it maliciously but there’s a real danger in the likes of Jones labelling these things immediately as someone threw it."