A remote Scottish community will be left with no GP when a married couple who are the only two doctors on the island retire.

Colonsay, Inner Hebrides, is set to lose its two current doctors - David Binnie and Jan Brooks - as the couple prepares to retire after ten years serving the small community.

A new GP is now being sought to work on the island and serve the 134 registered patients who live there.

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The idyllic island is two-and-half hours by ferry from Oban, Argyll and Bute, and is often cut off from the mainland during periods of rough weather.

Described as 'the jewel of the Hebrides' the island is around 10 miles long and two miles wide.

An online job advertisement stipulates ‘remote and rural experience’ is required for the role at Colonsay Surgery, situated in the island’s main settlement of Scalasaig.

The successful candidate will also be expected to dispense medicines, provide house calls and out of hours cover for the practice.

Dr Binnie said: “It’s not a standard GP post in any way and requires various skills and experience in remote and emergency medicine training.”

The island’s patient representative group, which has just four members, is working with the NHS to appoint a new doctor.

Head of the group Eileen Geekie described the role as 'critical' and said the new recruit needs to ‘be prepared for anything’.

Ms Geekie said: “The doctor would be on call 24/7, which doesn’t happen on the mainland with out-of-hours services.

“At the moment we’re spoiled because we have two GPs and can share the load and out-of-hours work.

“Another thing that’s fairly unique is that they have to be trained in first response and emergency care.

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“It can take a while to get a helicopter over, so they have to be prepared for anything.

“On the plus side the person has time to spend with their patient.

“You feel like you are a person and not a number. From both sides that’s pretty rewarding.”