The Home Office has gone ahead with a planned deportation flight to Jamaica.

But some of the detainees who were due on the flight did not leave after a Court of Appeal judge intervened.

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On Monday night, Lady Justice Simler ordered the Home Office not to carry out the scheduled deportation of some people amid concerns that mobile phone outages had prevented them from having access to legal advice while in detention awaiting deportation.

Lady Justice Simler said those detainees should not be removed unless the Home Office is satisfied they “had access to a functioning, non-O2 Sim card on or before February 3”.

On Tuesday morning, as a plane was pictured leaving Stansted, a Home Office spokesman said: “We make no apology for trying to protect the public from serious, violent and persistent foreign national offenders.

“The court ruling does not apply to all of the foreign national offenders due to be deported and we are therefore proceeding with the flight.”

Bella Sankey, of Detention Action, said the campaign group believed that some of the people who were due for deportation were not on the flight because they were covered by the court order.

She tweeted: “We understand that some, possibly all, of these individuals may have been ultimately removed from the flight but we are currently trying to clarify this.”

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Earlier, Ms Sankey said removing those detainees covered by the order would have meant the Home Office was breaking the law.

She tweeted: “We are speaking to individuals clearly covered by the Court of Appeal order prohibiting their deportation who have been removed to the airport and told they are being deported. @ukhomeoffice are you really going to try and break the law tonight?”