The Queensferry Crossing has reopened after it was closed off to traffic for over 24 hours due to falling ice.

The flagship £1.3 billion bridge was shut down on Monday evening after eight vehicles were struck by frozen debris which blew off support cables in stormy conditions.

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It later emerged sensors installed on the Crossing were unable to detect ice, forcing engineers to carry out inspection works before vehicles were allowed back on the bridge.

It meant motorists crossing the Forth in both directions were forced to take a 35-mile diversion via the Kincardine bridge - with journey times reported to last up to 90 minutes longer.

However, operating firm Amey announced it would reopen at 10:45 on Wednesday after inspectors were staisfied they had built up an "accurate understanding of the specific processes that led to snow and ice accumulating and then falling from the cables."

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Mark Arndt, Account Director for operating company Amey, said: “We thank drivers for their patience and understanding during this closure."

"Safety had to come first, however the data we have gathered has improved our understanding of the issue and will help us to improve predictions and refine operating procedures in future."