Boris Johnson has described the rise in the daily allowance for members of the House of Lords as “odd”, but said that it was a decision for them.

SNP MP Kirsten Oswald (East Renfrewshire) had asked the Prime Minister if peers receiving an increase on their allowance from £313 to £323 was part of his pledge to “level up” the country.

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The change will come into effect from April, with members receiving an annual tax-free income of more than £48,000.

Mr Johnson also sparked outrage after saying he hated to agree with “these people” when referring to the SNP after Ms Oswald had asked the question.

Ms Oswald said: “The new daily allowance for the unelected and unaccountable peers being stuffed into the House of Lords by the Prime Minister is set to rise to £323.

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“The monthly allowance for a single person over 25 on Universal Credit is £317.82. Is that the levelling up the Prime Minister keeps talking about?”

Mr Johnson responded: “Well I hate agreeing with these people, actually I do find that it is odd that the House of Lords has chosen to do that, but it is a decision for them.”