Ticktes for the upcoming Old Firm match are being touted online for hundreds of pounds above their face value.

The Glasgow Times said secondary ticket websites were selling briefs for as much as £1500 each for the clash between Rangers and Celtic - which will take place at Ibrox Stadium on March 15.

Home tickets for the game are exclusively available for Rangers season ticket holders and are not going on general sale.

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However, numerous websites are offering supporters willing enough to part with hundreds of pounds the opportunity to watch the match.

One website is punting briefs within the home section for £650 a ticket, meanwhile Celtic fans are offered away tickets for £699 per ticket.

Another site had 12 tickets available for home fans – sold only in pairs for between £523 and £554 per brief.

A third site was also offering fans tickets for substantial amounts higher than their face value – at £699 for Hoops fans and £650 for the home support.

Meanwhile a well-known secondary ticket site are selling “VIP Packages” – sold in pairs for £1518 per ticket within the home section.

However, they do not make clear what the package covers – including whether or not the excessive price is for hospitality or just regular seating.

The Scottish Government passed a bill in December which criminalises touting tickets for the UEFA European Championship matches that are held at Hampden Park.

Anyone caught touting tickets for profit either in person, on the secondary market or privately, for those matches will be fined up to £5000.

And following the news there has been calls to extend the new law beyond the tournament.

Alan Russell, chief executive of Supporters Direct Scotland, said: “There aren't that many games that are over-subscribed but when it does happen it’s of concern.

“I think season ticket holders buy up the majority and there’s not many tickets that go on general sale.

“But the few tickets that are available will be in massive demand, so if ticket touting is allowed the prices will be very high.

“Nobody should have to pay that and ticket touting shouldn't be encouraged.

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“If this was extended to Old Firm matches I think it would be a positive thing.

“I don’t think it’s good that the money should end up with third parties and genuine football fans should be able to go to matches for a reasonable price.”

Both Rangers and Celtic have been contacted for comment.