The UK Government has proposed introducing a points-based immigration system which would take language and skills into account.

The Government says that in order to be granted a visa, those applying from anywhere in the world must have a job offer from an “approved employer” which is at an “appropriate skill level”. This will give the applicant 40 points towards their visa.

Those being given a work permit must also speak English to a certain standard in order to be handed 10 points towards their work permit.

HeraldScotland: Home Secretary Priti PatelHome Secretary Priti Patel

By meeting those  three requirements, applications will have 50 points – but will need a total of 70 in order to be given a visa.

Applicants will be able to gain extra points if they have highly sought-after qualifications such as in science or a PhD.

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The Home Office said it hopes to add more categories that can earn applicants points for the system in the future – which could include age or experience.

The UK Government proposes to lower the salary threshold for skilled migrants from £30,000 to £25,600, so long as they have been offered a job. Applicants who don’t meet the threshold but earn at least £20,480, could be granted a visa if they have been offered a role on the UK Government’s job shortage list.

The proposals also include lowering what it classes as “skilled” from being a graduate to having an A-level or Highers qualified job.

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The plans indicate that there will be no visa option for low-skilled workers from either EU or non-EU countries. Estimates suggest that more than two thirds of the existing EU workforce do not meet the proposed skilled worker rules.

Applicants who are entering the UK to work for the NHS are set to be given preferential treatment and there is set to be no cap on numbers entering through the NHS route to obtaining ao work visa.