Michael Stewart’s indefinite BBC hiatus has been ended after the broadcaster revealed he had agreed to adhere to their code of conduct.

Pundit Stewart had caused a stir when he hit out at Rangers PR chief Jim Traynor, accusing him of leaking stories to the press about Alfredo Morelos among other issues.

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Stewart had been kept off BBC Sportsound and Sportscene while the issue was ongoing. However BBC Scotland have confirmed he will be welcomed back.

A spokesperson for the Beeb said: “Following Sportsound on Monday, February 3 we have clearly explained the BBC editorial guidelines around fairness and accuracy to Michael Stewart.

“We expect our pundits to be forthright, but fair. Michael agrees with this. On that basis, Michael is now available for selection for Sportscene and Sportsound.”

The row came after a discussion on Radio Scotland's Sportsound show about an Alfredo Morelos interview, aired earlier in the day by Sky Sports, in which the Colombian striker said he had been subject to racial abuse "on and off the pitch" since moving to Scotland three years ago.

Mr Stewart alleged the interview for Sky Sports with Mr Morelos in which he reportedly made allegations he had been racially abused in Scotland was staged to deflect from the impact of the story.

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Celtic lodged an official complaint with TV watchdog Ofcom  after the Sky interview, after it erroneously stated Morelos had specifically complained about Celtic fans.

Sky later issued an apology to Celtic and pulled the interview from their channel and social media platforms.

However, the Ofcom complaint was dismissed, with the watchdog saying they had "no grounds to pursue" the matter as it did not air on Sky television.