A monster storm from Spain could dump up to a foot of snow this weekend, weathermen warned last night.

Blizzard conditions are forecast for the Highlands and southern Scotland, where motorists who decide to venture out have been told they could become stranded in their cars.

Heavy rain associated with Storm Jorge will cross the UK, turning to snow as it meets colder air over Scotland.

A rare 45-hour warning of severe weather has been issued by the Met Office, beginning at 3pm on Saturday and not ending until noon on Monday. Heavy snow will affect a large area north of the central belt, including Central, Tayside and Fife, Grampian and Highlands and Islands.

Here, the Met Office says blizzards could whip up large accumulations of snow, as much as eight or possibly even 12 inches.

A separate snow warning has been imposed for the same time period for south west Scotland, Lothian and Borders and southern and western parts of Strathclyde.

Conditions are expected to be made even worse by winds of 65-70mph sweeping south west Scotland and the Borders between noon today and the same time tomorrow. This is covered by yet another yellow ‘be aware’ Met Office warning.

Two of Scotland’s main roads, the A9 and M74, lie within the two warning zones. Both have already been brought to a halt by snow this month.

“Winter seems to have been saving itself up for this month,” said Bonnie Diamond of the Met Office.

“We have had everything thrown at us in February, heavy rain leading to flooding, winds and snow blizzards.

“Now things are going to extend into March, which should be seeing the start of Spring.

“This weekend, we are likely to see significant travel disruption, especially on higher routes, delays and cancellations to public transport services and the possibility of people being stranded in their cars.

“As a result, we have lots of warnings in place for Scotland for yet another weekend.”

For some people, this is the the fourth weekend in a row which will have been hit by stormy weather.

The country has already suffered from Storms Ciara and Dennis in successive February weekends.

Storm Jorge was named on Thursday by the Spanish meteorological service as it kicked off over Spain last night, before moving north towards the UK today. Almost every part of the UK will be affected in a dramatic cocktail of wind, rain, ice and snow.

Even areas not included in the warning zones will endure sleet and cold temperatures, which will seem like below freezing, even during the day.

Added Ms Diamond of the Met Office: ”Storm Jorge will circulate over the UK over the weekend, with further showers of snow on Sunday and into the new working week.

“Over 400 metres, we are looking at between 20 and 30cm (up to 12 inches) of snow building up. You will see drifting snow and it will feel bitterly cold.”