Scotland marked its wettest February in 30 years as high winds and heavy rain battered the country during three named storms last month.

Several areas experienced severe flooding as rivers burst their banks during Storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge.

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Over 275mm of rainfall saturated Scotland during the month - second only to levels recorded in 1990.


Met Office data also revealed Scotland, with an average temperature of 5.9C, was the coldest part of the UK during February, despite ‘unseasonably warm’ conditions.

Forecasters warned the poor weather was set to continue into mid-March, with wind and rain continuing to sweep across the country.

Scotland's rainfall during February ranked well above the UK average of 209.1mm, but was behind Wales' 288.4mm.

However, the country lagged behind the average temperature of 8C and well below England's average of 9.3C.

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Forecasters warned more wild conditions were to come, adding: "The weather looks likely to remain rather wet and windy into the middle of March, especially in the north, more settled conditions may start to develop from the south towards the end of the period.

"It will be predominantly rather cold with overnight frosts likely during any calmer interludes and only occasional milder days, these being more likely later in the period."